Tour Example

The Tour:

Click the 'Tour' icon in the admin menu bar to start.

First item.
Second item.
Third item.
Fourth item.

About Tours

The Tour module allows you you make instructional tours of user interfaces.

The Tour module comes with Drupal 8 and makes it easy for developers to add "Tours" for guiding users through unfamiliar user interfaces.

Each tour is comprised of a series of tooltips that provide contextual information about an interface. The user can start a tour by clicking the "Tour" icon on the right side of the Drupal 8 toolbar. The tour icon is only visible when there is a tour available on the current page.

The Tour module provides the Tour API, which makes it easy for developers to add tours to their modules. In most cases, adding a tour is as simple as creating a YAML file in the config directory in their module, containing the expected data. For a detailed example of such a file, see config/install/tour.tour.tour-example.yml.

If you are interested in building tours through a user interface, you may want to look at the Tour UI module:

The Tour module uses the Joyride jQuery plugin for its underlying functionality. You can find more information about Joyride at